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A Study On Airworthiness Responsibility Of Civil Aircraft In Multinational Leasing And Purchase

Posted on:2018-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330533460138Subject:International law
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Airworthiness guarantee the safety of civil aviation.The responsibility of airworthiness provide theoretical grounds for deal with the loss and social consequences of unairworthy condition.Due to the different standers of civil aviation airworthiness responsibility among different countries,transnational lease and purchase are disciplines from domestic airworthiness responsibility.The responsibility of civil aviation airworthiness of China enslaved to many factors,such as whether the standard international or whether meet the development demand or responsibility adequately defined and so on.Among them,the most serious problem is China lack of airworthiness responsibility legal system.When facing cross-border civil aviation aircraft and airworthiness disputes and other issues,China can only use the United States or Europe's airworthiness standards which is not suitable for actual situation.To solve these problems,we have to draw lessons form international advanced experience of developed countries,formulate airworthiness responsibility legal system which meet China's need and always renovation with the development of the age.This article is divided into four chapters.The first chapter analyzes the current situation of the airworthiness system of civil aircraft and civil aviation,and discusses the practical and theoretical significance of the airworthiness liability system.The second chapter studies the theoretical basis of airworthiness responsibility,and clarifies its relationship with product liability.The third chapter compares the similarities and differences between China and the United States and Europe,and puts forward the appropriate system and theory that China can learn from.The fourth chapter examines the existing problems and solutions of the airworthiness system in the context of China's cross-border rental.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil Air-craft, Multinational Lease and Purchase, Airworthiness Responsibility
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