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Research On The Social Organization Undertaking Problem Of Government Public Service Outsourcing

Posted on:2018-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330533955486Subject:Administrative management
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The new public management and government reform movements sprang up around the world since the 1970 s,where western developed countries started to implement government reconstruction with introducing competitive mechanism into public service so as to enhance public service efficiency,lower cost and reduce government’s expenditures.China is also influenced by this trend so that,since the 1990 s,in order to solve the problems during public service supply,the governments in economically developed regions began to try the reform of public service supply mechanism,and private enterprises as well as social organizations were incorporated into the subject of public service production.It plays important role in alleviating Chinese local governments’ fiscal expenditure,solving insufficiency of public service supply,enhancing public service quality,and improving responsiveness of public service needs.Although public service outsourcing has achieved relatively rapid development in China,the governmental public service outsourcing still belongs to “imported goods”,which means that,it learns and refers to western countries’ experience,and the theoretical foundation suitable for local China is in scarcity.Besides,along with the underdeveloped market mechanism,lack of mature legal regulations,and government’s poor contractual governance ability,there are still many problems in Chinese governmental public service outsourcing.Public service outsourcing is governmental innovation in supply mode of public service;meanwhile,as the undertaker of governmental public service outsourcing,social organization is significant to promote Chinese public service outsourcing career.Nevertheless,the public service outsourcing has just started in China and the development of social organization is in primary stage,so it also faces many difficulties.For this reason,from the perspective of public service subcontractor —undertaker of government and public service outsourcing—social organization,the problems in current public service outsourcing are sorted to provide suggestions for perfecting Chinese governmental public service outsourcing.This paper mainly includes five parts.The introduction in first chapter emphatically elaborates the topic background and research significance;analyzes domestic and overseas research status;illustrates research method.The second chapter is about the concept and theoretical reference related to governmental public service outsourcing,which enables readers to have a preliminary understanding of governmental public service outsourcing.The third chapter narrates the power and status of social organizational undertaking of public service outsourcing.The fourth chapter is the analysis of problems of social organizational undertaking of governmental public service outsourcing,which implements from the perspectives of undertaker(social organization)and subcontractor(government).Aimed at the major problems in governmental public service outsourcing,the fifth chapter proposes to reinforce governmental internal management,enrich approaches of public service outsourcing,carry out open and transparent outsourcing activities,improve contract system of service outsourcing,establish scientific assessment and motivation mechanism,and perfect outsourcing supervising system so as to complete Chinese governmental public service outsourcing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Outsourcing, Public Services, Social Organization
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