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Legal Research On The Construction Of An International Shipping Center Of Guangzhou

Posted on:2017-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R L HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330536451285Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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To build an international shipping center for Guangzhou is a grand systematic project.Under "along the way" national strategic context,regulate competition behavior Guangzhou shipping industry,improve infrastructure and institutional mechanisms for the management of the port of Guangzhou Port,gathering shipping elements.However,the Guangzhou international shipping center needs to lead the legislation and policies,institutional mechanisms required by a series of transformation and innovation.The situation that shipping law has direct or indirect role in promoting rule of law in the future dependence on navigation will gradually increase.This article will text analysis,research methods empirical analysis,research visits,literature analysis,discussed how to strengthen international shipping center in detail from the perspective of legislation,law enforcement,judicial,self-management and legal services of shipping industry,and so on.This paper is divided into five parts of "the research of legal issues about building an international shipping center in Guangzhou " to discuss the proposition.Firstly,the paper defines the basic concepts related to the article,and describes the meaning of an international shipping center,shipping center functionality evolution of world history.Secondly,emphatically discusses four aspects of legislation,law enforcement,judicial systems,self-management and legal services of shipping industry.Then the article sums up the construction of Guangzhou condition,the situation and problems faced by building international shipping center.Moreover,by drawing on practices of some international shipping center,this paper analyzes and summaries the good practices at home and abroad,the rule of law to explore shipping model has the characteristics of Guangzhou,respectively,from feasibility legality,legitimacy,necessity perspective of analysis.Guangzhou submitting the feasibility of building an international shipping center from recommendations to improve national and local laws and regulations,improve the enforcement mechanism,the justice system,the legal environment to optimize shipping angles.Finally,the paper summarizes the full text of the structure and contents.
Keywords/Search Tags:the international shipping center, Guangzhou, law, policy
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