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Consider About Intellectual Property Court Technology Ombudsman System In China

Posted on:2017-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the progress of social science and development,intellectual property cases showed a trend of rising.The characteristic of intellectual property rights has decided the specialized characteristic of intellectual property litigation.Technical fact check is an important link in the litigation,the expert of our country existing assisted,judicial appraisal,expert jury three technical review mechanism cannot meet the needs of the judicial practice in our country.In order to further improve the technical facts to find out scientific,professional and neutrality,in 2015,the high people’s court about intellectual property rights courts technology ombudsman to participate in the litigation activity the interim provisions on some issues of intellectual property rights courts with technical ombudsman ombudsman belong to the judicial support staff.Since then,China formally established technology ombudsman system.But because the system is preliminary build,not mature enough,there will be some aspects to be improved and perfected.Of this article is the mainland legal system countries (regions) so the perspective of technical review officer system research,mainly is the origin of the system the Japanese perspective,as well as in Chinese Taiwan,South Korea,Germany,the relevant system research.Based on the research of the ombudsman system outside technology and thinking,analyze its advantages and disadvantages,thus for our country to draw lessons from foreign system in order to improve their technology direction ombudsman system of intellectual property litigation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intellectual property litigation, the technical fact review identified system, technical ombudsman, technical judges
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