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Japan's Policy Toward Central Asia And Its Impact On China's Relations With Central Asia

Posted on:2018-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330536464945Subject:Chinese history
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In 1991 the Soviet Union disintegrated,the world pattern from the poles toward the multi-polar development.The five countries of the Central Asian Union,which were originally joined by the Soviet Union,embarked on an independent development path.Energy became an important part of the economic and social development of all countries,and even became a pillar industry for the export and economic growth of some countries.Over the same period,the rapid development of the world economy,the demand for energy increased,the international crude oil prices continued to rise,seriously affected the Japanese economic development.Japan's attention to the Central Asian region has been increasing rapidly in order to ensure the stability of its energy channel and the diversified supply of geo-political and geo-economic needs.In the big country in Central Asia,Japan has become an important external force,and actively participate in the Central Asian region affairs.Xinjiang and Central Asian countries are neighbors,both in the field of economic and social security are closely related.The study of Japan's Central Asian policy will help us understand the essence,purpose and future trend of Japan's Central Asia policy,and make better policy adjustments to achieve the goal of maintaining regional stability.This paper analyzes the main contents and essence of Japan's Central Asian policy and the attitude of Central Asian countries to Japan's Central Asian policy through the analysis of Japan's Central Asian policy.First,Japan's entry into Central Asia is not directly to contain China,the objective will have a certain impact on China;Second,Japan's Central Asian policy for the development of Central Asian countries have a certain Third,Japan's activities in Central Asia,China's Xinjiang and Central Asia's economic and social security cooperation,have a certain impact on the development of the Central Asian countries.
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