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A Study On The Relationship Between Public Service Motivation And Job Satisfaction

Posted on:2017-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330536952763Subject:Administrative Management
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China has been committed to building a service-oriented government,but also civil servants of the public service motives put forward higher requirements.Motivation is one of the three major problems that modern public management needs to solve(Robert,1995).Under Buchanan and others,the theory of public choice is rapidly emerging.The "economic man" hypothesis is widely used in public sector research,but the motive of self-interest has also been questioned and criticized.The public service motivation(PSM)is a typical reflection and critique of public choice theory to apply the "economic man" hypothesis to the public sector,which focuses on the altruistic motivation of public servants in providing public service behavior.Unlike the other three schools of thought(Weberís bureaucratic theory,representative bureaucratic theory,and public choice theory),the theory of public service motivations,since its emergence,has attracted many scholars with its entirely different propositions interest of.Western scholarsí enthusiasm for research on public service motivation has been increasing,and the research results are rich.Therefore,it is necessary to investigate and analyze the public service motives of Chinese civil servants in order to find out the public service motives of Chinese civil servants,and provide useful reference for the public sector of our country to effectively inspire the public service motives of civil servants and the training of civil servants.So as to improve the public service motive and better serve the people.Based on the questionnaire survey and analysis of Shanghai civil servants,this paper studies the relationship between public service motivation and job satisfaction with relevant theoretical research methods and SPSS analysis software.This study is divided into eight parts,the main contents are as follows:Chapter 1: Introduction,clarify the background and significance of the study,as well as the difficulty and innovation of this study.Chapter 2: domestic and foreign research present situation.A brief review of the status quo of research at home and abroad,so as to the current public service motivation research has a general awareness.The connotation and characteristics of public service motivation.It mainly explains the related theories of public service motivation,including the proposition of public service motive,the connotation of public service motive,the basic theory of public service motive and so on.At the same time,it has a comprehensive understanding of public service motive.Measurement of public service motivation.Through literature review,the author summarizes three approaches to the measurement of public service motivation: the alternative approach of compensation preference,the approach of public service behavior,and the questionnaire of public service motivation.Chapter 3: Selection of research scale and research hypothesis.On the basis of the Perry Scale,we combined the relevant research results of domestic scholars to develop the measurement scale of this study,including the Public Service Motivation Measurement Scale and the Job Satisfaction Scale.And establish the research model and research hypotheses about the relationship between public service motivation and job satisfaction.Chapter 4: An investigation and analysis of the relationship between public service motivation and job satisfaction.Through the questionnaire survey,the empirical analysis and so on the research method to the Shanghai civil servant public service motive carries on the analysis.Including the difference of public service motivation,the difference of individual attribute and job satisfaction,and the correlation between public service motivation and job satisfaction.Chapter 5: The Path Choice of Promoting Public Service Motivation.This part is one of the main contents of this article,after the above-mentioned chapter of the survey analysis,combined with research results,to improve public service incentives countermeasures.Chapter 6: Summary.Summarize the results of this study and look forward to the direction of public service motivation research.This study makes a useful attempt to study the localization of public service motives.Through foreign theory,and then combined with local conditions for empirical research,is the only way to mature the theory.This topic focuses on the frontier of theory,and the study of the localization of public service motives in the light of the status quo of Shanghai civil servants has a certain significance to promote the progress of theoretical research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil Servant, Public Service Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Positive Correlation, Influence Effect
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