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Study On Dilemma And Reform Path Of Chinese Towns Established As Cities

Posted on:2018-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330536952768Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the 90 s,China has abolished Fiscal all-round responsibility system,and implemented tax reform,which has stimulated the enthusiasm of local development and promoted economic development to make breakthrough.Accordingly,a number of economic strong towns,with favorable geographical location,strong economic strength,population aggregation,and outstanding industrial characteristics,have appeared in the eastern coastal areas of China.Those towns' GDP has exceeded ten billion yuan.However,their function,establishment,management and public service capacity still remain in the original level,which makes the structural contradiction between economic development and administrative system,public services demand conspicuous.How to further stimulating their economic vitality,promote towns established as cities reform and transform China's new urbanization from extensive growth to intensive growth? It has become an urgent need to solve in the process of development of towns.This paper is divided into three parts to study towns established as cities reform.The first part includes the first chapter,the second chapter and the third chapter.Firstly,this paper analyzes the background and significance of China's towns established as cities reform,and summarizes the research status with the help of visualization software Citespace.Secondly,the author defines the connotation and reform essence of towns established as cities,and combines relevant theories,such as theory of administrative divisions,the theory of administrative ecology and so on.Finally,through analyzing the development of the status quo of China's town and establishing base,necessity and feasibility of town city reform are discussed.The second part includes the fourth chapter and the fifth chapter.Taking the pilot area as an example,This part summarizes the main reform experiences of the three representative areas,such as Longgang Town,Shishi Town and Zhangpu Town and evaluates reform in the present stage.In view of the current reform situation,institutional and non-institutional dilemmas and constraints are put forward.For example,top design lags,path to setting city is unknown,legal system is not perfect,path-dependence caused by stagnation of administrative division appears,the grass-roots government interest game exists and so on.The third part is the last chapter.According to the reform experience that has been made,it is clear that,the process of reform should follow the basic principles of innovation and stability,orderly and inclusive,scientific and democratic.This part also puts forward the overall plan of reform,namely,introducing the top reform plan,establishing relevant evaluation standard,constructing weighting methods matched with new city development and institutional paths of curing policy dividend.Finally,combined with the overall plan of reform,this paper refines reform measures,pointing out that we should streamline organizations,publish power lists,reform the household registration system,and innovate service modes,as to further promoting the process of urbanization in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:towns established as cities, administrative division, urbanization
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