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Governance Of Land Acquisition Conflicts In The View Of Boundary Conflict

Posted on:2018-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330536957099Subject:Public Management
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Farmland property right system and the system of land expropriation reform which began in the 1990 s produced important influences on farmers and the governments which compose the main interest subjects of land expropriation,making power and interests boundary between the central and local government,and farmers changed significantly under the institutional transformation.Meanwhile,countryside,the area land expropriation conflicts arise,emerged some new traits,and led to action boundary conflict among all the groups gaming in this particular area.Land expropriation conflicts occur not only between farmers and local governments,but also different interest groups within the farmer groups,producing a variety of forms centering on different interests.The land acquisition conflicts which caused by boundary tension,on one hand,resulted in game frequently happen,on the other hand,conflicts out of order,forcing the governance of land expropriation face the dilemma that vague boundary led to conflict rigidities,power and rights boundary conflicts led to conflicts spiral,the action boundary conflict led to violent land expropriation.Therefore,constructing market-oriented land requisition system,reshaping the role of farmers and the government,reconstructing farmer discourse power,restoring land expropriation procedures,are necessary to preventing and defusing land requisition conflict.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Acquisition Conflicts, Boundary Transforming, Boundary Conflict, Boundary Resetting
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