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A Study On The Social Investigation System Of Juvenile Criminal Cases

Posted on:2018-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330536959397Subject:Economic Law
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At present,the pace of Chinaís economic system reform gradually into the deep water period.Under the pressure of economic downward,the financial burden of local government is too heavy.The issue of how to make improvements towards public infrastructure construction has become significant and vital for citizenís livelihood.PPP(public-private partnership)financing model was generated from such macro-environmental context and develops drastically.PPP financing model will not only help to solve the government investment in infrastructure construction,but also release the financial pressure of local government.Meanwhile,the allocation of resources in the market plays a decisive role in one of the outstanding performances.PPP financing model is currently in its early stage of development.There are a wide range of issues as well as risks.The financing in the early stage,the construction of the construction of the contract period of the legal issues,the risk-sharing mechanism,the latter part of the equity withdrawal and dispute resolution mechanism and the existing regulatory mechanism result in various risks and problems.Chinese current laws and regulations in PPP is not perfect,which leads to the difficult situation where the projects are unable to be large-scaled.This paper introduces the development of government and social capital cooperation(PPP)model in China,and points out the difficult problems in the practical application of PPP mode and combines the experience of Britain and Australia to analyze these problems in detail,And thus try to find the legal solution to solve the problem of PPP model development.This dissertation is divided into four chapters.The first chapter mainly introduces the general situation of PPP financing model,including the background and meaning of PPP financing mode,characteristics of PPP model as well as the basic legal relationship of this model.The second chapter mainly introduces the risks and problems of the PPP model in the Chinese market at present stage.This chapter involves the risks in the early stage(the risks of financing and the legal compliance risks of the project).Operational risk(risk-sharing mechanism risk,contract legal risk)and the problem(the issue of equity exit mechanism),and the lack of regulatory mechanism.Chapter 3 is written according to the experiences of UK and Australia in the PPP model,such as the establishment of high-ranking legislation,the establishment of better regulatory agencies,improvement in the value of the evaluation mechanism.Chapter 4 is key to this dissertation,discussing the problems and risks talked in the previous chapters and further exploring countermeasure,including the improvements of financing mechanism in the project,in order to strengthen the regulation of the legitimacy of the project,establish a scientific risk-sharing mechanism.Meanwhile,it greatly benefits for reasonable plan of contract system and building a scientific regulatory mechanism.Through the proposed ideas and countermeasures,with a view to further avoid the risk,so as to crack the difficult problems in the development of the model,so that the advantages of the greatest play for the new economic conditions to better promote local economic development to contribute.
Keywords/Search Tags:public-private partnership, Financing mechanism, Risk allocation mechanism, Equity withdrawal mechanism
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