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A Study On The Promotion Of Public Trust In Grassroots Government From The Perspective Of Public Crisis

Posted on:2018-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330536959679Subject:Administrative Management
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Crisis is the problem that every kind of creatures will encounter in the process of growth and demise.The history of human society is also a kind of history that is facing the crisis and coping with the crisis.The crisis is always accompanied by the development of human society.Once the crisis beyond the narrow border pointing to the unspecified majority or a certain public space may evolve into a public crisis,the existing normal social order to form a serious threat,and even cause serious damage to the consequences.With the deepening of Chinaís reform and opening up the cause of the deepening of the domestic peopleís living standards are increasing,the publicís ideology has quietly changed,continue to become rational and socialization,the relationship between government and citizens is no longer just management and management Of the relationship,but also into the relationship between more services and services.Citizensí demands and expectations for the government are getting higher and higher,and whether the government can meet the corresponding requirements,it directly determines the governmentís credibility or credit among the public.The most important thing that tests the credibility of the government is public crisis,government credibility plays an important role in public crisis response,and the final outcome of public crisis treatment will affect the governmentís credibility.The promotion of government credibility can not only solve the public crisis more effectively,but also can solve the related issues such as administrative legitimacy,which is conducive to strengthening the government leadership and national cohesion,and contributing to the harmonious and stable development of society.But if the grassroots government in the public crisis to deal with improper will lose the public trust,so that the decline in credibility is not conducive to the effective conduct of government work.At present,there are some problems in the government of our country at the grassroots level,such as the lack of government credit consciousness,the decadence of government affairs and the weak ability of public crisis handling,which greatly damaged the trust of the grassroots people and destroyed the public image of the grassroots government.The lack of credibility will lead to the government in dealing with public crisis can not get peopleís trust and get their cooperation,not conducive to the settlement of the crisis,but also threaten the lives of people involved,property security.Therefore,the grassroots governmentís credibility construction problem in the public crisis highlights the issue has become particularly important.
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