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The Exploration Of The Soviet Union's Collapse Track And Lesson Under The Perspective Of Reformation

Posted on:2013-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330473463170Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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The rise and fall of the Soviet union is the domestic and foreign theorists and academia very issue of concern,to cause the cause of the collapse of the Soviet union,is still the academic discussion is very popular topic,domestic and foreign scholars have on writing books on the subject,to give their own views.Cause the collapse of the Soviet union reason is various,each scholars studied and discussed from the point of view of the analysis and preferences are different.The reason for the collapse of the Soviet union,national problems said conscious form said,peaceful evolution said,hegemony,and said,mikhail gorbachev said,the ruling party own mistakes reform issues,and so on,a series of ideas and opinions,twittering.These factors,can say the break-up of the Soviet union on the problem really has some effect,but our purpose is to analyze the cause of the collapse of the Soviet union deep the fundamental reason why,but also the most really as a history,promote the subject research.This paper is in the reform of the horizon,makes an analysis of the collapse of the Soviet union system level reasons and reflect this system with the system in deep inquiry.This paper will be divided into the introduction and text two parts.The preface mainly discussed topics the purpose of the research significance,the academic research situation at home and abroad and the innovation in this paper briefly illustrate.The text by four most content composition,The first part of this paper discusses mainly the reform is the power of development,socialist must keep pace with The Times;The second part of the Soviet union for reform this attempt;The third part of the paper is the reform of the delay of the Soviet union,the stagnation of the reform and the derailment;The fourth part describes the lessons of the history of the collapse of the Soviet union.
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