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The Research Of Green Credit Policy To Promote Energy Structure Transition

Posted on:2017-07-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330485497996Subject:Finance and Finance Law
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In the process of energy structure transition, the development and utilization of clean energy and energy saving technology requires a lot of investment and cost, especially when clean energy and energy saving technology donít highly realize the industrialization and large-scale, comparing to traditional energy, clean energy lack of price advantage. At present, the national finance has already subjected special funds management, subsidies and tax incentives for renewable energy industry. However, clean energy industry canít develop fully only by financial support, it needs more private capital and social funds. In this situation, that commercial bank implement the green credit policy to provide credit funds for clean energy industries can accelerate the process of energy structure transition.Currently, there is no specific legal provision of green credit policy in renewable energy law or law of commercial banks. Following the guide of green credit which is issued by China Banking Regulatory Commission(CBRC), banks generally implement green credit policy in accordance with their own situation. Banking industry has renewed its understanding of the development of clean energy in its execution of green credit policy. However, some problems arise simutaneously due to its execution of above policy. These problems is grossly represented as the big gap and an unbalanced distribution of green credit funds rendered by the bank to clean energy enterprises. Therefore, the purpose of the thesis is to discuss the way to perfect green credit policy in the form of institutionnalization, to solve the gap and inequal distribution of green credit funds in the process of energy structure transition, to guide the execution of green credit policy in the banking industry by law and to financially support clean energy industry to a greater degree.To be specific, this thesis is divided into four parts: The first part mainly introduces the relationship between energy transformation and green credit. The second part is an investigation of the green credit system with an aim to discover existing problems in it, including the conflicting relevant policies made from different departments and its low efficiency; its single product variety as well as its unsound supporting system. The third part discovers the problems of green credit system in practice in clean energy companies and Banks and analyzes the reason of it: First reason is the lack of integrity design of green credit system; second is the limited financing ability in new energy enterprise; and the third is the absence of incentive and supervision mechanism. The fourth part puts forward suggestions to perfect green credit system in energy industry, and three aspects including built-up of systematic green credit system, improvement of the incentive and supervision mechanism, and perfect of green credit supporting system will be considered to expand funding sources and safeguard the idea of distributive justice.
Keywords/Search Tags:energy structure transition, green credit, credit capital, environmental information
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