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Research On The Legal Issues Of Land Reserve Financing

Posted on:2017-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330488472622Subject:Economic law
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With the development of the city, the number of the land using is increasing, it is the inevitable choice for urban development to improve the land utilization. Land reserve system is to solve the contradiction between land supply and land rising demand. It’s core is land and land rights. The purpose of land reserve is to regulate the land market and improve the utilization rate of land. It is not enough long to develop land reserve system, which is imperfect now, in our country. The lack of a series of laws, regulations and policies lead to funding strand broken easily, especially in financing part, which is harmful to construction virtuous cycle.In order to get adequate funds for land reserve, the key to solve the current government land reserve financing is the way of land reserve financing. This article is to seize the main contradiction—the way of land reserve financing, to analyze the legal issues on land reserve financing. Local governments attach great importance to the land reserve financing. It is important theoretical and practical significance to research the legal issues on land reserve financing under the background.The legal issues of land reserve financing will be analyzed in this paper divided into four sections:The first section mainly introduces the concept of land reverse system at home and abroad, and definite its basic concepts, combining with China’s specific practice situation. On this basis, introduce land reverse financing in our country, and summarize the relevant laws and regulations.The second section is to describe and analyze the type of land reserve financing in our country and summarize the previous experience in this part. The author divides the land reserve financing into two types—traditional and new types, at the same time, analyze it in detail; generalize the success experience of land reserve financing in our coutry.The third section is to introduce the development status of foreign(Netherlands/ Sweden/ France) land reserve financing, and summarize its development experience.In the last section, the author will make a suggestion on land reverse financing in our country, in order to provide a sound legal environment for our land reverse financing virtuous cycle, based on the experience from foreign and our country, mainly introduce the following three: First, draw up <Land Reserve Regulations>; Second, reference and develop new land reserve financing —PPP; Third, establish scientific oversight mechanism of land reserve financing.
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