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From The Order Of “Feng Huang Ting Zhi” See Feng Huang Where The Legal System In The Early Qing Dynasty

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The content of the order of “Feng huang ting zhi”, because of the various stages of the rule changes, the Qing government’s rule in “Feng huang ting zhi” mainly reflects in the relevant national law system, and the related legal content contained in the hall, such as land tax, ceremony, schools, customs, tun fang, soldiers, zhi guan, the content reflected the place with the particularity of management system, also in the national and local legal system reflects the unity of legal system. Scenic place, after “gai tu gui liu” policy, the Qing rule, in order to better the management of scenic place, consolidating frontier defense, deal with ethnic relations, local officials to adjust measures to local conditions, due to the customs, make the local legal system and the national legal system unifies, finally realizes the dominance of the ruling class of miao land inhabited Qing dynasty.“Feng huang ting zhi” of xiangxi land, is located in the frontiers of Qing dynasty landscape area, national structure is complex, because of national contradiction caused by people uprising. Pacify people after the uprising, the Qing government in the local enforcement “gai tu gui liu ”policy of sending flow direct management, while preserving traditional customs, timely legal system, the order of the country into the scenic zone. This article is mainly about the scenic land customs and legal system, the practice of the Qing government to the local conditions, on the one hand, is beneficial to people’s localization, speed up the process of integration between national, approved measures include registered permanent residence, run about, imperial mandate customs, etc.; On the other hand, through the officer sent flow rule, the use of military means to safeguard local decrees, measures including setting, tun fang system, sin camp system, etc. Through the above a series of measures, the Qing dynasty not only strengthened the control over the scenic places, to some extent, also ensure the local legal system and the national legal system in the process of national development.In the new period, national policy and national legal system construction is the content of the country’s constitution, for the fourth plenary session of the 18 establish comprehensive one characteristic of rule of law. Feng huang ting where the study of the legal system and at the beginning of the Qing dynasty with the national legal system construction has practical significance. Of “Feng huang ting zhi”, during the period of the Qing dynasty belongs to the frontier area of Qing, the Qing government to this place often neglected, ethnic problems and contradictions are locals, solve is chaos and instability in the aspect of management, go against the stability of the national frontier development and the interests of the whole country. In the light of the office of “Feng huang ting zhi” involves many people’s livelihood problems, mainly including jiangyu, land tax, ceremony, school, customs, etc, although have already cancel the agricultural tax in our country, on which the study of land tax system, it is significant change is in the process of historical system experience for reference, is able to keep pace with The Times of good future state in the system of people’s livelihood. The ritual and education, both in moral construction and legal construction, has the very good practical significance, is also need to grasp a ring over national mores. Ting zhi will book about the content of the national administrative management system and mainly official proof system. “Gai tu gui liu” policy, after the Qing government officer regularly send flow to manage the phoenix hall, flow only ancient Qing dynasty used to consolidate border officer system, strengthen national participation of ethnic affairs, thus achieve feudal rule. Feudal system has been overturned nearly a century, into the country in the new period of ethnic affairs, and preferential treatment in the people’s livelihood, the legal system construction and safeguard the interests of the local ethnic minorities. Li clear on the difference between the national legal system and local legal system, hold the special place of the construction of legal system, adjust measures to local conditions, has been a focus of attention in the research phoenix local legal system at the beginning of the Qing dynasty, is of great practical significance.
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