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Research On The Pretrial Procedures Of Juvenile Delinquency

Posted on:2013-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330488984326Subject:Procedural Law
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The pre-trial procedure of juvenile delinquency consists of review and prosecution proceedings.It would bring great harm to the body and mind of juvenile if the design and handling of pre-trial procedures are improper,which also makes pre-trial procedures to be a very significant position in the total of criminal judicial procedure.Researching and perfection of the pre-trial procedures of juvenile delinquency will protect the rights and interests of juvenile criminal suspect.It is not only having great meanings for our party and nation's policy which is about education,reform and reclaim to juvenile delinquency,but also to improve the advance of the juvenile criminal justice system.The paper is divided into four parts.The introduction is mainly about background,significance and related research achievement at home and abroad.The second part is the theoretical foundation of pre-trial procedures of juvenile delinquency.It points out the difference of juvenile delinquency and adult delinquency in the standard of age,the feature of psychology,the character of crime and so on.It makes proper principle for pre-trial procedures of juvenile delinquency.It also point out that the main problems of pre-trial procedures in China.The third part is mainly about juvenile delinquency investigation proceedings,including the improvement of organizations and people in the specialization of investigation.And the author discusses the third one participation system in inquiry proceedings,some relevant issues of mending detaining methods in the investigation proceedings and the supervision of review.In the fourth part,the author focuses on review and prosecution proceedings.It points out the problem of no prosecution system at present,and discusses about the improvement of the provisions of no prosecution legally applied to the juvenile,and how to improve the systems of the supervision and education if no prosecution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Juvenile delinquency, Pre-trial procedure, Investigation
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