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Based On The Theory Of Customer Satisfaction In Wuhan Government Affairs Micro-blog Audience Satisfaction Evaluation Research

Posted on:2017-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rise of micro-blog, the Internet is constantly changing peopleís way of life. As a public platform, micro-blog gives the public more freedom of speech, the public can express their true thoughts through the platform. Structure change of as Habermasís public sphere in the book mentioned:the public sphere as a rational way of communication of the public use of public discourse power to regulate public discourse space of social conflict. In the public domain, the public in the mechanism have equal, public, open, critical characteristics, showing the rational way of communication, thus becoming the establishment of a democratic society and democratic politics key strength. Micro-blog, in the extent permitted by law to give people more freedom of movement, because of its unparalleled information transfer speed gradually by the public in hot pursuit. In the mobile Internet era, micro-blog plays three roles:emergency stabilizer; positive content aggregator; public action of catalytic converter.Government micro-blog is opened under the government leading Party and government organs, the specifically for good governance tool, combines the general characteristic of micro blog in more gives reconstruction of public order, the mission of social governance. In-depth study of government micro-blog can more accurately with the help of social governance subject more scientific and reasonable social governance. Along with the deepening of the Internet era, as the E-government continuous efforts and attempts, government micro-blog has also been given a strategic role. From the public service, social governance to government reform, function transformation need government micro-blog more responsibility, and the responsibility need us to have a clear understanding of the position of government micro-blog. This is the first attempt to use customer satisfaction theory to analyze and evaluate the current audience of government micro-blog operators satisfaction, more government micro-blog put on a public platform to accept marking. This analysis emphasizes government micro-blog long-term development needs to face or solve problems related.This paper is divided into three main parts. The first part mainly through empirical research paradigm on the audience on the overall evaluation of Wuhan city government micro-blog satisfaction, including the five dimensions of satisfaction were scored, to explore the government micro-blog audience overall satisfaction score from each dimension. The second part is the analysis of the above empirical research the results of the evaluation and the reasons, based on the five dimensions of the one one score interpretation, summarized the causes and effects of the influence of government micro-blog audience satisfaction related factors. The third part is mainly for the above problems from the five dimensions of policy recommendations, including recommendations on the five dimensions and the direction of future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:customer satisfaction theory, Wuhan city, government micro-blog, satisfaction
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