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Deliberative Democracy In The Local Governance: Potential And Challenges

Posted on:2017-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q T ChangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330503472749Subject:Marxism in China
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1980s deliberative democracy emerged in the West, many scholars begin to study the connotation of deliberative democracy and its operational mechanism, to provide a variety of channels for the public to participate in public affairs. Although the deliberative democracy in China's research by the results of numerical simulation is not mature, we still could recognize the deliberative democracy is a transformation for real governance, can make up the defects of representative democracy, building a harmonious society important system, it and local governance has a close relationship, in the local governance has important value. However, deliberative democracy also faces many challenges in the practice of local governance in China. Therefore, this paper will use some of the existing scientific research methods, the concept and connotation of the interpretation of deliberative democracy. Analysis the operation mechanism of deliberative democracy in local governance in China is facing the challenge, and proposes the possible solutions to these problems, in order to have the political construction with Chinese characteristics to ascend to a new height, the depth of mining the potential of deliberative democracy in China's local governance, in order to make deliberative democracy in local governance and make due contributions. From the full text, the paper has four main aspects:First of all, the paper clarify the connotation of deliberative democracy, from three aspects: ontology, methodology and theory to analyze the connotation of the deliberative democracy and instructions; And introduces the mechanism of deliberative democracy, analyzes the practical form of deliberative democracy in the west, such as consultation, and vision workshops, participatory budget, also analyzed the deliberative democracy in the form of the practice in our country, such as democratic discussion, decision-making advisory committee, one project one discussion system, etc.Secondly, the paper deeply analyzes the deliberative democracy in the potential of the local governance practice in our country, from the traditional culture as the ideological basis for national policy thrust outward to their own advantages inherent power of these three aspects discussed the potential inherent in deliberative democracy.Again, the paper summarizes the challenges of deliberative democracy in Chinese local governance practices, combined with our local governance practices of deliberative democracy, from conflict negotiation rights, in the form of a single negotiation imbalance, narrow limitations of content negotiation, negotiation consciousness indifferent these deliberative democracy perspective of the challenges faced.Finally, the paper in view of the challenges of deliberative democracy in the practice of local governance in our country at present stage put forward the corresponding solutions. From the power decentralization and participatory governance combination, combination of microcosmic negotiation and macro deliberative, broaden the form and raise the awareness of combining these three aspects are discussed, that deliberative democracy can be a good use in the local administration in our country and promote the modernization of China's local governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Deliberative democracy, Local governance, Citizen participation, Challenge
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