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The Evolution Of British American Assizes System And Inspiration To China

Posted on:2017-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Communist Party of China eighth Fourth Plenary Session, first proposed "the establishment of the Supreme Court Circuit Court. In this regard, the community great concern, and I have an interest in it. Assizes in the Supreme Court system is still in the trial stage, but it is already mature in foreign countries, we can begin to understand this system from the development of the system abroad.Assizes system has originated in 12 th century in England. There is assizes phenomenon at the beginning of the Norman dynasty, but until Henry II period it developed as a conventional system. The formation of this system is closely related to the whole society in England, but also thanks to a series of reform measures taken by the kings.In addition, the United States also had assizes system in the early time. After the founding of the United States, the Supreme Court began to appoint judges to deal with the case. With the increasing in population and economic development, case of the Federal Court of Appeal become more and more. So the United States set up an independent Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in order to share the pressure of the Supreme Court judgment.From the development of the British and American assizes system, we can recognize that assizes generate with a series of factors, such as the relationship between central and local judicial justice, court positioning function, ensure judicial independence, enhance the credibility of justice, etc. Therefore, we can deepen the understanding of the Supreme Court of the Circuit Court in order to facilitate its work better.
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