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Research On The Present Situation Of The Implementation Of Goverment Power List System

Posted on:2018-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our country is committed to building the rule of law government and sunshine government always emphasizes that " put the power into the cage of system",eliminating the phenomenon of power's rent-setting and rent-seeking.In the process of deepening the reform of administrative system and streamlining government and delegating authorities,the power list system cleans up and confirms the existing administrative power,announces the reserved power and accepts social supervision.It limits the power of government departments.It is conductive to stimulate the vitality of the market and control the administrative power.It is of great significance to promote the transformation of government functions.From pilot exploration to the will of the state,the power list system is widely carried out in our country.This paper starts from defining the basic connotation of the power list system,discusses the meaning and nature of power list,the basic principle and basic content and realistic meaning.Analyzing current situation of The State Council and local government.There are still some problems in the current power list system,including lack of law regulation and the relevant supporting system is not perfect,the government departments have cognitive bias.These problems arise mainly due to the power list system is at the stage of exploration.Also the power list has single form and government staff is lack of consciousness.At last,this paper presents some proposal that formulating relevant laws,improving the relevant supporting system such as renewal mechanism and supervision mechanism,strengthen the ideological and political construction of public officials.
Keywords/Search Tags:power list, administrative examination and approval, streamlining government and delegating authorities
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