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The Research On Public Service Function Optimizing Of Liaoning Tourist Administrative Department

Posted on:2017-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512483999Subject:Tourism Management
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To develop tourism industry under the new social normality,has a magnificent meaning for steadying economy increasing,adjustment of industry structure,improvement people's living level,construction of ecology civilization,development of flourishing culture,expansion of opening to foreign countries,and promotion Liaoning old industries base.The government strengthens the administration of tourism,so they need government function department to carry it out.Ever since China published “ ‘The Twelfth Five' Subject Plan of China tourism public service”,the construction of tourism public service has been an important direction for government to develop tourism.It is the key content for this article to study,how to advance the function transform of government tourism development,to build a thorough public tour service system,to supply tourists with better,more comfortable and convenient public tour products.The study aims of this article are the function change of Liaoning Province tour department,and to strengthen and optimize public service function,with the methods of document research and empirical analysis.Firstly,this article defines some basic conceptions,such as government public service function,public tourism service and optimizing function.Based on some basic theories of public products,governance,new public management,new public service and government leading tourism administration,in combination with“ ‘The Twelfth Five' Subject Plan of China tourism public service”,this article put forward the composition of tourism public service system of Liaoning Province,mainly about: tourism public information service,tourism security system,tourism convenient transportation service,tourism service for the convenience and benefit of the people,and the system of tourism administration service.And this article analyze the construction situation of Liaoning tourism public service system.Secondly,this article describes the setting of Liaoning tourism administration institutions and the historical change of institutions organization situation,and focuses on the analysis of function present situation of Liaoning tourism administration department.Then it comes up with current problems of carrying out function course,and lays the foundation of the following research and analysis according to data.Moreover,based on these theory analysis and research,I conduct empirical analysis of the public service function of Liaoning tourist Administration.And there are 7 main aspects: the construction and plan of laws and regulations,the financial support of government,public information service,tour talent training,convenient and fast tour service,tour security assurance and tour supervision and administration.According to the deep analysis of the 448 questionnaires,I evaluate the elements of Liaoning tourism public service.Finally,I synthesize the theory analysis and empirical investigation research.Then I put forward the objective requirement of carrying out tourism public service function in different social periods.and put forward two patterns of tourism public service: government-leading and multi-provision,and that Liaoning Tourist Administration should optimize 4 concrete approaches: plan,organize,coordination and control function.Then I come up with the main aim and task of public service function optimizing of Liaoning Tourist Administration...
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