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Study On The Construction And Operation Management Of Ordos E-government

Posted on:2018-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512491924Subject:Public Administration
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In recent years,government cloud has been implemented by the concept of the actual construction,the various regions of the country are relying on big data and cloud computing to promote government cloud construction,there are about 900 government cloud platform.Premier Li Keqiang in 2016 government work report,in 2016 started the implementation of the "Internet plus government" and "Internet plus" action to make sure the overall promotion of the summary,and put forward specific requirements for the 2017 work plan: "to accelerate interoperability of departments under the State Council and local government information system,the formation of a unified national e-government service platform." Not only that,in the just concluded local NPC and CPPCC,31 provinces(autonomous regions and municipalities)submitted to the 2017 "government work report","Internet plus government" has expressed or mentioned."Internet plus government once again become a hot words,which also marks the full speed information reform of government.Ordos City as a frontier minority areas,economic and social development is relatively backward,e-government work started late,construction and application are in the initial stage.However,relying on large data,cloud computing industry,look for government affairs must respond to the trend of rapid development,and strive to develop government cloud construction and application.Ordos City in accordance with the actual situation out of a local application and development of the Ordos City,government cloud construction model.This paper makes a research on the background,construction and development of "government cloud" in Ordos city.The analysis and summary of the Ordos city government cloud construction achievements and characteristics,compares and analysis through the development of outstanding city and government cloud,find Erdos city government cloud construction and development of the existing problems and gaps,analyze the causes,put forward to further improve and improve the Erdos city government cloud the construction of management strategy.
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