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The Study On The Purchase Of Community Public Service In Hohhot

Posted on:2018-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512491927Subject:Public Administration
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In recent years,the government purchase of public service is an important aspect of social management innovation.Since the reform and opening up,China’s economy began to move from a planned economy to a market economy,the grass-roots community management system has moved from the system of units to community system,and the community has more and more work.From the 1980 s,the community construction,focusing on the national governance,emphasizes community administration,but the development of community work should emphasize the cooperation of governments and enterprises,non-profit organizations,and the cooperation relationship,pay attention to the localization of social work,increase capital investment and focus on community development.The government purchase community public service is conducive to the optimal allocation of government resources and improve the quality of public service.The purchase of alternative public services by public services,through the government’s purchase of social organizations,can make public services more efficient and flexible,and provide services more responsive to the needs of the population.Through the social organizations in the social welfare and relief,conflict mediation,psychological counseling,behavior correction,community correction,labor employment,medical care,youth education,disability rehabilitation,pension services and other community public services,can ensure the quality of the citizens and ensure the optimal allocation of government resources.Government procurement of public services is conducive to reducing the burden of community work.In recent years,because of the continuous expansion of community construction,the grass-roots work directly related to the people is implemented to community,more complicated work,and the lack of personnel,so that the traditional community work way in community construction and management.Government purchase service can reduce the burden of community work,make community workers better serve the people in the difficult work.Through the investigation of the present situation of the new urban district,Sai Han district,Yuquan District street and several community government purchase public service,this paper summarizes the experience and finds out the effective way of government purchase service to promote community development.
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