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Research On Xi Jinping’s Administering Party By System

Posted on:2018-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512498915Subject:Marxism in China
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Since the formation of the party since the party has become the key to the survival and development of our country.Especially the party ruling party ability and level,directly related to the position of political parties in the country.Therefore,the party is the ruling party attaches great importance to the construction of the party,improving the party in the governing ability and level of administration.The Communist Party as Chinese Chinese development guide,since history took the torch,will continue to strengthen the ruling idea,improve governance and leadership style,enhancing the party’s ruling ability and level of leadership,continue to lead the development of the society.China era in the development of the theory in the progress of the construction of the party to achieve ideological construction,system construction of the party,the party to the functional transformation of science the party,embodies the party in favour of the ruling law and its construction of more in-depth knowledge and understanding.In the new historical starting point,facing the party environment,mission,the development process is more severe,difficult,how to effectively improve the party in the process of socialist modernization of governance capacity and governance,to lead the Chinese nation to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream to become the party an important subject at present.The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in summary the party building experience,based on the experience of foreign political party governance system is put forward.The idea of the party is the party thought system managing party policy for current challenges facing the party and put forward,which has profound theoretical origin,but also has a strong background of Xi Jinping.The system not only promotes the development of the socialist party thought party building thought Chinese characteristics,and the party’s governing ability and level has been strengthened.This paper adhere to the guiding ideology of historical materialism,adhere to the problem Guiding principle,to explore and answer what is the system of the party,why should promote the system of the party,how to promote the system of the party and other related issues,thus deepening the understanding and understanding of the systemThis paper consists of four parts: the first part is a brief overview of the basic contents of the system of the party;the second part discusses the system of the party thought,including the connotation,characteristics and system of the party,the party’s system construction and the system of the party thought basis,content;the third part mainly discusses the strategic position of the party system in the management and administration of the party and governing the country in the fourth part;discuss how to promote the system mainly from the party,and create a favorable political environment,perfecting the legal system,four aspects of improving execution system and anti-corruption system to discuss.
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