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The Thought Of Urban-rural Relations Of Marx And Engels And Its Contemporary Enlightenment

Posted on:2018-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512498921Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Relationship between urban and rural areas as an important relationship in human society,its change and developing direction of the development of the society as a whole has had huge impacts.At present,China's urban and rural development is rapid,and urban and rural are showing a new look.However,appeared in the achievements as well as urban and rural development,unbalanced development,urban-rural gap is widening,and other issues.At the same time,along with the development of society and change,some new problems have arisen in the process of urban and rural development.For example,in the city's traffic congestion,population expansion,the fog haze,and other serious problems.In rural labor loss,backward education development,the problem such as increasing number of left-behind children.Therefore,to systematically study the urban and rural relationship thoughts of Marx and Engels is of great practical significance.This paper mainly consists of three parts:The first part is the background analysis.This part studies the relationship between urban and rural areas by Marx and Engels thought the era background and theory origin.It helps us to more deeply understand the relationship between urban and rural areas the richness of thought.The second part is content analysis.Its content mainly includes: first,based on the theory of historical materialism by Marx and Engels illustrates the law of development of urban and rural relationship of unity of urban and rural areas,the separation and opposition between urban and rural areas,urban and rural integration.Second,they discussed the separation between urban and rural areas,cities and villages play a different role in promoting social development.Village is the foundation of social development and the city's power to promote the development of society.Again,they in the capitalist period,with emphasis on the relationship between urban and rural areas,analyses the reasons of the urban and rural in sharp opposition and influence.In the end,they of the relationship between urban and rural areas to make scientific prediction of the future society,and analyzes the inevitability of their emergence and pointed out the direction of the construction of a harmonious relationship between urban and rural areasfor us.The third part is the path analysis.This part of Marx and Engels the relationship between urban and rural areas thought and the reality of China's urban and rural development,this paper discusses the crack the problem of unbalanced development between urban and rural areas of specific ideas and methods.
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