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S H City Regional Public Security Bureau Released On Bail Almost Four Annual Survey Report

Posted on:2017-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a statutory bail system of criminal coercive measures,it’s purpose is to protect personal freedom and ensure the smooth progress of the criminal justice process to protect citizens.The bail system has two expected results,one of them is to decrease our custody proportion,effectively alleviate the problem of overcrowding in places of detention,and to save judicial resources.All these are in order to truly implement this principle benefit litigation.The other is to protect the personal rights of criminal suspects and defendants,to require them to abide by the obligations prescribed by law in bail during the arraignment,to ensure the suspects and defendants appearing in court in a timely manner for time,not evade investigation or prosecution and trial,to guarantee the smooth progress of judicial proceedings.However,in judicial practice,because of the bail system of our country is still in a groping stage,and at the same time on bail of the criminal procedure law of our country there are still some limitations and other influence of traditional factors,the bail system of our country has a lot of problems in practice.The bail system has not fully achieved its desired effect,on the contrary also produced some people criticized the drawbacks.These problems restrict to some extent the bail application,hinder the smooth progress with respect to the protection of our citizens’ legitimate rights and interests of the criminal justice process,and also affect the authority of the judiciary.To improve the legislation and practice deficiencies bail system,and to make it truly play its due effect,we must dialysis the root causes of the problem.This topic is in the H district of city S Public Security Bureau from 2012 to 2015,nearly four years of bail case,to find the reasons behind the bail system the real effect of the expected effect,and puts forward the suggestions to perfect it,through the internal data and the first line of police investigation and combined with the theory of domestic experts and scholars.The first part clarifies the source of the data and the ways of research,and illustrates H District Public Security Bureau in four criminal cases and the specific circumstances of the specific circumstances applicable bail through six sets of table diagram.The second part analyzes the current situation through data bail,and describes the status of the formation of factors with theory from the perspective of the concept,legal system,working mechanism.In the last part of the article,the writer raises his view point,hoping to turn the public security organs’ application of bail "low-cost,high-performance" model,and puts forward a five-point legal advice.To perfect the bail system from the judicial idea,legislation,working mechanism,supervision system,auxiliary system five,enabling it to play its due effect,safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens,guarantee the judicial procedure smoothly,safeguard judicial authority.
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