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Research On Criminal Reconciliation System In Investigation Phase

Posted on:2017-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,under the background of promoting the construction of a harmonious society and implementing the policy of combining punishment with leniency,criminal reconciliation system arises at the historic moment in the judicial practice.Criminal reconciliation serving as one of the special procedure,the current Criminal Procedure Law confirmed its legitimate status at the legislative level,providing legal support and protection for the public security organs applying the criminal reconciliation in criminal cases.But the current criminal reconciliation system in investigation phase in China is imperfect.As a staff of the primary public security organ,I knew the existing problem in current system including that criminal reconciliation settlement rate is low,the application range is narrow,the abuse of right of reconciliation,and the lack of legitimate procedure,the scope of the compensation is not clear,the role of public security is not clear neither and lack of supervision and relief;thus the author takes the criminal reconciliation system and policy at the based level of public security organs during investigation stage as the research object,selecting special cases in daily work with the representative meaning,in order to put some existing problems to be sorted out,hoping to put forward through detailed scope of reconciliation and standardize the procedures of reconciliation,perfect the supervision and remedy mechanism applicable criminal reconciliation ideas,improve the investigation stage,aim to being the reference for the general public security organs of investigators in the judicial practice and try to explore and establish Chinese characteristic and era adaptable development trend in the investigation stage of criminal reconciliation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Investigation of the settlement, Relationship, reconciliation Conference, diversified Compensation, relief for help
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