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The Strategic Cultural Factors In The Process Of Constructing The New Great Power Relations Between China And The United States

Posted on:2018-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512988460Subject:International relations
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In Sunnylands of the United States in June 2013,with "no conflict no confrontation,mutual respect,cooperation and win-win" for the construction of the connotation of the new powers arises at the historic moment,opens up a new mode of deepening cooperation between China and the United States.China has more than 5000 years long history,the United States only more than 200 years so far.One is booming in history of ancient civilizations;one is only in the more than two centuries will be the leading young power.The most important of all,China is a socialist country,the United States is a capitalist country.The current international situation is complicated,and there are huge differences between China and the United States,but why not steep into the “clash of civilizations" depicted by Samuel P.Huntington or the tragedy of great power politics said John J.Mear-sheimer,why China will put forward the construction of the new power,build the new power relations in the process,the two countries in the face of challenges and how to promote the process of new type of power,are worth exploring.Culture has a subtle effect on the development of a country,cultural factors also gradually become one of the many scholars analyze the influence factors of a country's external behavior,and,in particular,the role of strategic culture.Strategic culture is a derived concept,from the strategic and the crossover study of culture,is a specific culture of a country's culture in the aspect of foreign strategy,to guide and affect the formation of a country's foreign strategy.First of all,this article obtains from the part to sino-us cultural differences cause Angle as the breakthrough point,on the basis of an analysis of the common culture and its role in a country's foreign policy,on the basis of the introduction of cultural gene and the concept of strategic culture,and discusses the formation process of strategic culture and the impact on the real foreign strategy.On this premise,in the development of the bilateral cultural history,the most representative part of the extraction of the two countries culture gene,then cultural genes into strategy,form the strategic culture of the two countries.At the same time,respectively to analyze the development course of bilateral foreign strategy and strategic culture in it.Xi jinping generalization to the height of the new China and the United States the relations between big powers,this new typeof partnership,accurate expression of the connotation,and this short 14 word contains the core concept of Chinese strategic culture everywhere.From the perspective of Chinese strategic culture traced back to the interpretation of these three words,is facing the international community in question for China is the best answer.Secondly,this article obtains from the whole,the introduction of Alexander Wendt's point of view,in order to build a new China and the us state of the structure of power relations as the breakthrough point,analysis the main variables impact on the process for building new power relations between China and the United States,as a supplement,proved that construction of new power relations of China and the United States is accord with national interests and common interests of the two countries.Finally,this paper will discuss the challenge for the construction of new power relations of China and the United States,and the new path to promote the development of new type of power relations between the two countries.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Model of Major-Country Relationship Between China and the United States, Strategic culture, Constructivism
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