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Research On The Micro E-Government Trust Of Public Based On Social Capital

Posted on:2018-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330512989147Subject:Public Management
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With the page view of the Mobile Internet overshadowed the PC internet access,mobile internet has become the main access to information and services for public.And then the government social medias spring up like mushrooms.Combining government social medias with traditional governance,public service,and the micro e-government was born.Itís an important embodiment of "internet plus government" and a new direction of e-government which gets a lot of attention.However,some researchers found that lack of trust is one of the bottlenecks which hinder the development of micro e-government.So,itís necessary and urgent to build public trust.As a basic theoretical preparation and practical exploration,researching on the public trust of micro e-government will contribute to micro e-government on theory and reality.Being born from social media platform and micro e-government has obvious features of social network.Therefore,this paper introduces social capital theory,and try to analyze the micro e-government public trust from the perspective of social capital.First of all,this paper analyzes the relevant concepts and characteristics of micro e-government,inquires the relevant literature to grasps the basic situation of the micro e-government trust,and points out the background and significance of this research.Then build the research model of micro e-government initial trust which regards social capital as the independent variable,public perception as the mediating variable,trust tendency as the moderating variable,and e-government initial trust as the dependent variable;the research model of micro e-government continue trust which regards social capital as the independent variable,satisfaction and participation as the mediating variables,trust tendency as the moderating variable,and e-government continue trust as the dependent variable.It puts forward hypothesis be based on the model.Compiling questionnaire according to classical literature,and then collecting data through online and offline platforms.At last,it makes descriptive statistical analysis,reliability and validity analysis,confirmatory factor analysis,correlation analysis,mediating effect test and mediation effect test by the SPSS22.0.The results found that all of the three dimensions of social capital: structural dimension,relational dimension and cognitive dimension have a significant positiveimpact on the micro e-government public initial trust and continuous trust.The three dimensions of public perception perceived usefulness,perceived ease of use,perceived security play an intermediary role between social capital and initial trust in the model of micro e-government initial trust.Satisfaction and participation play a crucial role between social capital and continue trust in the model of micro e-government continuous trust.The main effect of trust tendency on the two stages of micro e-government trust is significant,but the mediation effect is not.There is no positive impact on the initial public trust and continuous trust with demographic variables except education level.This paper research on the micro e-government trust dynamic changes from the public perspective,the results not only helps us to open the "black box" of trust,rich micro e-government public trust research framework and research perspective,but also provide guidance for improving trust in micro e-government public trust,then boost the healthy and sustainable development of Chinaís micro e-government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Micro e-government, Social capital, Initial trust, Continued trust, Trust tendency
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