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Research On The Supply Of Urban Government Mobile Public Service From The Perspective Of Multiple Governance

Posted on:2018-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512991509Subject:Administrative Management
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Since November 2014,Prime Minister Li attended the first World Internet Conference,pointed out that "the development of ’Internet +’ action is planned to promote the mobile Internet,cloud computing,large data,Internet of things together with modern manufacturing.It is also giving the promotion to the e-commerce,industrial Internet and the healthy development of Internet finance,and guide the Internet companies to expand the international market." The important role of the Internet catches more attention of people day by day.At the same time,the growth of the new format makes the government function change as well.The concept of "Internet +" proposed government to develop with a series of new opportunities and new challenges.In this context,the government providing public services actively through the mobile Internet and other means becomes one of the current development trend.In order to make better use of the powerful conditions of the Internet,mobile public services came into being.Mobile public services can improve the management of the city,improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services,and also to provide citizens with more convenient services.In this paper,there is the perspective of diversified governance combining with the relevant attributes of mobile public services,it emphasizes the theoretical gist of the government,enterprises,masses independent and public cooperation governance.It chooses the Guangzhou public transport service App "Xing xuntong" project as a case to collect and sort out the results of domestic and foreign mobile public service research and to refine its main academic point of view;Also,it aims to conduct an online questionnaire survey of some people in Guangzhou to understand the recognition and comments of the project.However,there are still some problems among the project.According to the government of Guangzhou Public Transport Service,the mind of government about working on the Internet and the public service is not deep.Besides,the government is not standardized for the public transport App administration.Furthermore,the government has insufficient investment in the construction of mobile government.What is more,the government does not pay enough attention to the public demands and opinions and the public did not play the role of active supervision and reflect the demand.Last but not least,the lack of measures to guide enterprises to win cooperation and other issues.On the basis of objective analysis of local conditions,the paper is to provide local government mobile public cultural service with corresponding recommendations.For example,the government should actively build a special team of mobile public services and innovate thinking and continuously improve the level of information technology.Besides,to strengthen the construction of information security,laws and regulations.What is more,improve the construction of qualified personnel and build cooperative relations of diversified governance.Furthermore,emphasize how government,enterprises and people playing well on their own advantages,and positively build the three relations of cooperation so as to promote the local government with better mobile public service,which do goods to supply for the local government’s mobile public service work to create favorable conditions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multiple governance, Mobile public service, Service supply, Public Transport Service App, Guangzhou public transport service App "Xing xuntong" project
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