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The Research On The Intellectual Property Rights Of Online Game Live Broadcast

Posted on:2018-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the online game industry,the intellectual property rights involved in the live broadcast of online games have been widely concerned.In Shanghai Yao Yu Cultural Media Co.,Ltd.v.Guangzhou Betta Network Technology Co.,unfair competition case,the Shanghai Pudong New Area court did not acknowledge the network game’s copyright in the judgment,this is the biggest network game live dispute on intellectual property rights theory.In this paper,the author analyzes the requirements of originality at home and abroad,analyzes the reasonable use system at home and abroad,and analyzes the legality,originality and replicability of online game live broadcast.The copyright of the online game live screen is confirmed.Furthermore,this paper summarizes two kinds of views on the classification of the works of the online game live screen,which will be divided into the following two perspectives: the creation of the live screen of the online game,the creation of the method similar to the production of the film,and the interpretation of the work.And from the point of view of the convenience of online games,the classification of works and the ownership of copyright.Finally,this paper discusses the protection of the network game live,and live action from the convenience of network game analysis of the collective management system of collective management system management application of live early in the network game.
Keywords/Search Tags:Online game broadcast, Fair use system, collective management system
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