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Research On The Construction Of Government Affairs Service Center In China

Posted on:2017-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330512996571Subject:Public Administration
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With the rapid development of ecomomy and the process of deepening re form and opening ,the degree of Chinaís political democracy and the awarenes s of civil rights enhaced.The government must explore new public service mo del to saticisify the rising citizení demands,and the admistrative seivice center appeared in this context.Administrative service center is the new power for constructing the servi ce-oriented government which transfer the governmentís functions,provide pu blic service,display the image of the government.The paperís main research content is : first of all it reveals the paper selected t opic background, and clarify the purpose and significance, research literature review, research methods and innovations;Then it explains the concept of the admistrative seivice center and the main theoretical basises; And then it explo res the current situation and problems about the admistrative seivice center,an d then reveals the reasons;Next it makes the admistrative seivice center as an example to summerize the current situation and experiences ;Fianlly it puts fo rward to the some suggestions to promote the construction of the admistrative seivice center,and to promote to explore deep thinking of the construction of t he admistrative seivice center.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative service center, Service-oriented government, construction
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