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Analysis On The Leadership And Its Effectiveness Of Township Party And Government Management Team

Posted on:2018-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Leadership is the ability of leaders to attract and influence leaders and stakeholders in a specific situation and achieve the goal of group or organization.It can be described as a combination of a series of actions,which will motivate people to follow the lead to go,not simply obey.According to the definition of leadership,we will see it around us,in the management,in the classroom and in the field,in the government,in the army,in the listed corporations,in a small company until a small family,we can see all areas at all levels,leadership,it is the core of everything we do.Township Party committee and government,as the most basic political power organization of the ruling party in China,its main task is to organize the implementation of the management and service tasks of the local economic and social development.To some extent,to enhance the leadership of the grassroots party and government management team,is conducive to activate the vitality of grassroots cadres and the effectiveness of the work.In recent years,due to changes in the work,and the lag of system and mechanism construction of the rural grass-roots staff common work decreased enthusiasm,work efficiency is not high,so that the job responsibilities are not very good performance.As a grass-roots party and government management team,is a leader of the core team,improve its leadership to promote the effectiveness of the national grassroots organizations have a very realistic significance.X town as an edge,weak economic foundation,the economic and social development is very arduous task,the theory in the science of leadership theory,team theory and organizational behavior under the guidance for the selection of problems,the township party and government management team member of the quality problem,organization structure,combined with the future a period of our country to the grass-roots party and government leadership team needs,the use of comparative analysis,research and summary,put forward specific measures and countermeasures.At present,the domestic research on the leadership of the party and government team is not much.The author's own work at the grassroots level,according to the research,not only has the significance to improve the grass-roots party and government leadership team,but also provides a reference for the application and development of leadership theory in grassroots political power organization.
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