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The Study Of Chinese Equity Crowdfunding System

Posted on:2017-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Cloud computing is known as the third revolution in information technology following the computer and the computing service providers provide infrastructure for network users,so that the user can upload data to this device.To make the user do it,the promise of the cloud computing service providers and network users is trust,law is an effective means to build trust.To ensure that the necessary requirements of the development of the cloud computing industry,we must clearly stipulate that the relationship of rights and responsibilities between the cloud computing service providers and other service providers on the industry chain and users.In order to regulate the behavior of cloud computing service providers,it is necessary to study the infringement of cloud computing network service providers,at the point of view of cloud users,it is necessary to protect the userís privacy.Using existing laws to regulate the behavior of cloud computing service providers,practice proves that it is not feasible.of course,we can inherit the effective provisions of the existing law,make them computing develop rapidly in recent years,at present,the rights of network users have been violated,their legitimate rights and interests donít get protection,no law can punish the injuring itís necessary to summarize a series of violations,then study them carefully.making the laws regulate these acts of tort.there are laws to claim damages responsibility.Firstly,this paper discusses the concept and characteristics of cloud computing services,for example,the characteristics for cloud computing are on-demand self-service,the access of Open Network and so on,and discuss the business model of the cloud computing network service provider.secondly,analyze the commonly infringement of cloud computing network service provider,make further efforts to elaborate the regulation of the current legislation of our country.On the basis of this,this paper raise legal questions from the aspects of the subject of the tort liability,the elements of the tort liability of the cloud service providers,the principle of liability. then make up solution to solve these problems,for example,using the notice and delete rule for a wider works range.making the counter-notice rule and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:cloud computing, service providers, tort liability
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