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Research On The Legal System Of The Regulation Of The Third Party Logistics Industry

Posted on:2018-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515488012Subject:Corporate law
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The logistics is an multi-functional and integrated service industry which merges seven functions like transportation,warehousing,loading and unloading,processing and etc.It starts late and develops fast in our country,and the regulatory system of it is imperfect.Since the1980 s,China has learned the experience of developed counties,relaxed the access standards,created a relatively environment,and encouraged the logistics industry to develop.Because of the policy,the logistics industry in China now has too many enterprises,which compete wildly and ruin the future prospects of the whole industry.In the 21 st century,the first party logistics and the second party logistics,which are solved by the supply and demand sides themselves,can no longer meet the demand of the competitive development of China's market economy,The proportion of market share occupied by the third party logistics is increasing year by year.It plays a more and more important role in Promoting market structure adjustment,optimizing the economic model,improving the national employment rate and so on.In contrast with the rapid development of the third party logistics industry,the legal regulatory system of it is insufficient.The third party logistics industry,which is closely related to economic development,consumer rights and interests,social environment rights,and public transport safety,has no specialized regulatory system to keep it developing well.Because of the complex business contents,the logistics enterprises have to be investigated and regulated by many government departments,from their first established moment to their every existing day.Different laws and departments have no guidance,conflicts happen in the process of regulation.The industry associations can't make a difference under such a bad environment.It has become the primary task to build a sufficient regulatory system to promote the development of the third party logistics.In the international context,modern third party logistics is a new industry with a few decades of development,but the demand determines the scale of its development.In many developed countries,the third party logistics industry is mature,and has a more comprehensive legal regulatory system.This paper tries to explore a way to establish and improve the regulatory system by researching on the regulatory status of China's third party logistics and the experience of the developed countries.To be more specific: first,making high-level standard legal norms,uniforming the industry standards,making sure that the regulation could be carried out by laws.Second,establishing a complete supporting legal system,ensuring that every aspects of logistics are included in the system.Third,in the process of implementation process,building a mechanism to coordinate conflicts and reduce frictions is necessary.Fourth,creating a good industry atmosphere by the industry association on the basis of unified legal regulatory system of government.
Keywords/Search Tags:the third party logistics, legal regulation, legal order, regulatory model
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