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The Research Of Volunteer Care Service Of Disabled Countryside Elders Of Qiyang County

Posted on:2018-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515488948Subject:Public administration
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With the rapid development of economy and society and increasing in modernization,more and more rural labors come into big cities and engage in some employments,leaving their old parents uncared-for and seriously weakening the traditional family supporting function.Especially for the rural disabled elders,there are great burdens on both economy and care.It happens everywhere in China that lack of considerate care influences rural disabled elders’ s physical and mental health.Some rural disabled elders even die at home with no one to know.Therefore,the care of rural disabled elders has been a very outstanding social problem.To our happiness,with the progress of social civilization,volunteer service organization plays an increasingly significant role,which becomes “the third force” that participates into public management following government-leading force and the force of marketing operation.Therefore,it is of practical significance to call on more social forces to take part in caring for rural disabled elders voluntarily in case government and market are both ineffective.This paper focuses on Qiyang County,Yongzhou City,Hunan Province.Through visits and investigations of government departments,volunteer service organizations,welfare aged organizations and families of rural disabled elders in Qiyang County,this paper roundly expounds the conditions of supply and demand in voluntary services for rural disabled elders.It is founded that there are imbalances of space,content,time and way in aspect of volunteer service for rural disabled elders and the base of care volunteer service is frankly unsteady in the county.The main reasons are the following: 1.villages are relatively scattered;2.mechanism of volunteer service is not perfect;3.government’s protection of volunteer service is insufficient;4.people in rural areas lack of volunteer service’s concept;5.rural disabled elders have narrow views on volunteer service.On basis of considering the county’s concrete situation and referring to relevant literature,this paper puts forward some specific countermeasures and suggestions from the levels of government,volunteer service organizations,other social forces and village organizations,which have definite guiding meanings to improve the living conditions of rural disabled elders and decrease the burden on home caregivers of rural disabled elders.
Keywords/Search Tags:Qiyang, rural disabled elder, care, volunteer service
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