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The Research On The Crime Of Introducing Bribery

Posted on:2018-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R N BieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330515489996Subject:Criminal law practice
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In recent years,bribery by brokers introducing became progressive,the people referred became more,the extent of injury became deeper.In the judicial practice,the problem of differences between crime of introducing bribe and accomplice of bribery crime or using influence bribery crime is difficult to solve.In our country,the legislation about introducing bribe should be attached importance and be perfected.Nowadays behavioral pattern of bribery and corruption has changed,this problem would be an obstruction in the development of our economic society.Based on this,I cited a controversial case and analyzed some problems of introducing bribe,and bring my own opinions in the thesis,to comprehend the legal provisions and judicial interpretations,and bring some referable suggestions.The thesis is divided into the following four parts:The first part: the basic information of the case “Qian's introducing bribery”.Including the cause of case,the case facts,different viewpoints,and the focus disputes.In this part,I relate Qian introduced bribery and connected each sides in bribery and matchmaking bribery trading,then retained a big part of bribe money for his own use.I listed different viewpoints about Qian in this case,and summarized the focus disputes.The second part: legal analysis of the relevant problems of the case.In this part,I direct at the focus disputes,analyze from the following five parts.First of all,the constitutive requirements of crime of introducing bribe.Second,the criminal pattern of crime of introducing bribe.In the third part,analyze and confirm the distinction between crime of introducing bribe and other crimes.In the fourth part,the main discussion is shall the establishment of introducing bribery be based on bribery crime? In the final part,analyze the situation that introducer retains part of bribe money.The third part: the conclusion of the case.By means of the second part,the conclusion of the case is that Qian is an introducer,not accomplice of crime of bribery,and explain the reasons.The fourth part: the revelation of the case.Including the following two parts.First,the controversy of existence or abolishment of crime of introducing bribe.Confirm that the crime should be exists,and analyze the legality,reasonability and legitimate of the crime of introducing bribe.Second,discuss the necessity about perfecting the law and regulations of crime of introducing bribe.The main contents are three parts: subject identity,behavioral object and system of punishment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Crime of introducing bribery, Crime of offering bribes, Crime of acceptance of bribes Middleman
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