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Research On Cultivation The New Elite Of Villager For The Rural Social Governance

Posted on:2018-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Z LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330515960328Subject:Marxist theory
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Since China’s reform and opening up,with the development of social economy,the understanding of laws of social development,economic development and national governance in our country gradually from the social management to social governance,and the party clearly put forward the innovation of social governance system objectives and requirements on the third Plenary Session of the 18 th CPC Central Committee.Social governance in our country are both part of the western social governance theory,with the marxist stand,viewpoint and method in the field of social governance for the guiding principles.The theory of social governance is a kind of humanistic theory,which is based on the equal cooperation among multiple subjects and the common participation.The realization of the modernization of social governance is the objective requirement to dealing with social problems,realizing social democracy,resolving social contradictions and realizing the harmonious development of economic society in our country.Although our country has achieved some achievements in social governance,there are still many problems,especially the level of social governance in rural areas is to be solved and improved.In the rural social governance,the new elite of villager are of great importance in the rural social administrative.They have a positive impact on the construction of new rural social order and the practice of socialist core values.Absorbing the new elite of villager participate in the construction of rural grassroots,absolutely,will plays an important role in the continuation of traditional culture,the stability of rural social order and the improvement of rural social governance etc.Cultitude the new elite of villager should take traditional culture and useful ideas and ethics of culture as the basis,constant innovation.and give the new era connotation and value guidance rather than revival of traditional culture.Grasp and properly guide the intrinsic motivation of the participation of the new elite of villager.Increasing the width and depth of the new elite of villager’s participation in rural governance.Explore the counter measures to improve the level of social governance in rural areas.Proceeding from the rural actual situation.Solving the actual interests and activating the development of the new elite of villager.Enhance their sense of identity and belonging,to achieve grassroots democracy and realize the healthy and stable development of the rural society in China by regulating the basic level democracy and building a new socialist countryside.
Keywords/Search Tags:the new elite of villager, social governance, cultivation, path
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