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A Study On The Problems And The Governance Path Of The Party’s Grassroots Cadres In The New Situation

Posted on:2018-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J DaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330515988137Subject:Marxism in China
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The research on the work of party style has always been one of the important contents of the party’s construction,and the grassroots leading cadres have been directly related to the long-term continuity of the "relationship between the people and the people" and the grassroots leadership.The speed of economic development and the stability of grassroots politics.The contradiction between the growing material and cultural needs of the people and the backward social productive forces under the new situation is still the main contradiction of society.2016 years to 2020 is the country’s thirteen five years of planning an important five years,2020 is the "two hundred years" one of the goals of "one hundred years when the party built a well-off society," a critical period,and whether the full out of poverty hat,Out of the poverty line,the grassroots level is the key,thus the grassroots style cadres style work is particularly important.The full text can be divided into the following four parts:The first chapter and the second chapter is the first part of the article.This part mainly expounds the theoretical and practical significance of this topic,summarizes the research status of domestic and foreign topics,and then analyzes the research ideas and methods of carrying out this article.Then,it analyzes the related concepts,Leading the construction of the style of the importance of cadres,summed up the democratic revolution,the socialist revolution and the construction of the historical experience and the eighteen since the new requirements.The third chapter is the second part of the article.This part mainly points out the problems existing in the style of grassroots leading cadres,and analyzes and summarizes the five aspects of thought,study,work,leadership and life respectively,and has certain pertinence.The third part is the third part of the article.This part mainly analyzes the reason of the problem of grassroots leading cadres.The development of anything is not a factor in the impact,but the results of multiple factors combined effect.This part summarizes the reasons of the grassroots leading cadres’ work style from the aspects of the leading subject,the leading subject,the leadership environment,the leadership process and the leading result.The fourth part is the fourth part of the article.This part is the key part of the whole text.First,the education and training is the basic work to strengthen the construction of grassroots leading cadres,that is,to strengthen the ideological basis,skills base and mass basis.The second is to innovate the working mechanism is to strengthen the grassroots leadership style construction inevitable requirement.Third,strengthen the supervision system is to strengthen the grassroots leading cadres to build the key aspects of the work style,that is,the supervision of the main diversification;various forms of supervision;the supervision mechanism of the open.Fourth,the optimization of social environment is to strengthen the grassroots leadership style of building a strong measure,that is,to optimize the family environment,community environment,working environment and public opinion environment.
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