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The Processing Approach For Interlocked Penal And Civil Cases

Posted on:2018-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Over the years,the principle of criminal cases in civil cases had making contributions,It help for judicial organs handle cases?It promotes the improvement of legal work,But with the development of The Times,The principle of criminal cases in civil cases also exposed the corresponding problems,Under the environment of the new era,new legal problems began to appear,Legal science more bias on the interpretation of legal theory,People began to think about system itself the problem,Along with economic development,the continuous improvement of the education environment,citizen's legal quality gradually increase,People more and more strict to the requirement of the law itself,the law began to freedom,democracy and human rights,Litigation rights of the freedom is a real reflection of the right to freedom theory,The principle of first the punishment queen people become a target of state intervention in the citizens' freedom to choose suit.This requires legislators to fundamentally solve the realistic legal quagmire,In this way can we truly achieve the rule of law,This is the realistic significance of the research.Article will take the typical cases as the foundation,from four aspects: analyze the principle of emergence development and significance,the existence question and founds the fundamental solution to the problem Finally.We can correctly evaluate its contribution to China's judicial practice through the concrete analysis and found that the principles in the problems existing in the current society at the same time.We can find effective measures to make up for the defects through to the analysis of these problems and improve the relevant legal system,we can solve the problems of the current judicial practice and accelerate the process of working,effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and promote the rule of law in China Process quickly.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil and criminal, Before dealing with criminal disputes in handling civil disputes, Validity of contract
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