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The Innovate Research On The Service Mechanism Of Administrative Examination And Approval In Tianjin Free Trade Zone

Posted on:2018-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515998788Subject:Public Management
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With the idea of building service-oriented government in depth,as well as the CPC Central Committee’s strategic plan of comprehensively deepen reforms,and State Council’s total requirements of promoting decentralization,putting the tube in combination,optimizing service,Tianjin Free Trade Zone(Hereinafter referred to as Tianjin FTZ)’s work of administrative examination and approval service aims to resolve the masses’ "slow work " and " hard work ",advancing step by step.To some extent it can be said,Tianjin FTA strives to be innovative in the service mechanism of administrative examination and approval,in order to guide the orderly migration of a large number of companies to Tianjin,and to promote economic development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei,and to better serve settled in enterprises in the Tianjin FTZ.Because the Tianjin FTZ is in the initial stage of development,and administrative examination and service mechanism of administrative examination and approval to be innovative in the development of Tianjin FTZ,therefore,study on that Tianjin FTZ how to better improve the service mechanism of administrative examination and approval is more realistic and forward-looking,in order to provide replicated experiences of service mechanism of administrative examination and approval for other areas.To "enhance performance,improve services" as the goal,Tianjin FTZ’s of service mechanism of administrative examination and approval got achievements on the five main aspects: formed the full professional handling mechanism,seamless cooperation mechanism between departments,fair,open and internal management mechanism,supervision mechanism that transparent operation o f power,and got micro innovation on the humanized service measures.Meanwhile,In the year and a half,the survey found some problems to be improved : internal management system’s construction should be strengthened,the external coordination mechanism should be set up,the external supervision mechanism should be perfect,online approval efficiency needs to be improved,and the detailed service consciousness must to be strengthened.To this end,based on service mechanism of administrative examination and approval’s beneficial experiences that compared typical country and region,by enhancing “internal customers” satisfaction and perfect the system of administrative service standard to realize internal management innovation;increasing the function of feedback information,guiding the industry association to undertake the examination and approval service items,and establishing communication mechanism with the city outside government to realize collaborative innovation,improving the comprehensive supervis ion system,taking the third-party professional agenciese into valuation,and expanding the public supervision channels to achieve innovation of supervision mechanism,creating "network + cable + terminal" wise approving service model to achieve innovation of handing mechanism.Through innovations of five aspects to build a new mechanism of internal " management + control " and the external "efficient and quality " service.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tianjin Free Trade Zone, Administrative Examination and Approval, Service Mechanism
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