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Research On The Realistic Difficulties Of Society Affiliating System Reform And Countermeasures From The Perspective Of Resource Dependence

Posted on:2018-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518460882Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the 18 th national congress of CPC,Chinese Communist Party has been highlighting the reform of groups and the development of social organizations,.From a vision of the comprehensively deepening reform,Chinese Communist Party has absorbed groups and social organizations into the national governance system in a harmonious way.With the clear establishment of modern social organization system,the reform of groups has been incorporated into the overall strategy of the comprehensively deepening reform.The academy of both scientific and academic nature is facing with new opportunities.Compared with other industrial associations,however,the function of academy is limited in the development of economic society,besides,there are other problems existing,such as the inefficiency in its own construction and its incompetence of self-development.Because the long-standing affiliated system is the main barrier impacting on the governance of the development of academies,the situation of academies is awkward during the period that the government administration is being separated from commune management.I choose the resource dependence theory as an analysis tool in the thesis to explore the difficult position and measures to deal with the problem.The resource dependence brought by the social resource allocation mode of the resource dependence theory is the premise of existence of the affiliated system of academy.According to the assessment dimension basing on the extent of resource dependence and intervention by affiliating institutions,and the multi-characteristics of resource dependence,the affiliated modes are divided into different types such as attached academy,half-affiliated academy and self-dependent academy,all of which has its own characteristics in its development and operational mode.The affiliated system has played an important role in the start-up and development of academies.At the initial phase of their development,it provided necessary resource for them,but with the development of market economy and the requirements occurring during their own development,the disadvantages of the system under the traditional resource dependence are emerging,they weaken academies’ self-development and sever the connection between academy as a technological community and its members.Thus,the reform of the affiliated system is most important and inevitable for the academy innovation and its sustainable development.Because the relative laws and regulations which are in favor of the innovative development of academies still need to be improved,the principal contradictions of the affiliated system reform with different resource dependence modes become increasingly prominent and plus the incompetence of resources reassignment of academies,it is not easy for the affiliated system reform of academy to break various barriers and make progress.The major measures to deal with these problems are to improve and optimize the macro political environment,reduce the deep-rooted influence of the long-standing affiliated system and enhance theacademy’s ability in its own operational mechanism.I will give my advises and suggestions in three aspects of deep understanding,specific strategies and better supporting measures to improve the affiliated system reform of academies by introducing the successful experience of China Computer Federation;s reform aiming at affiliated system combined with the realistic difficulties of academy development.At first,we should change our minds to understand the affiliated system reform of academy in a more scientific way;second,we should propose specific measures from three aspects such as to optimize the macro environment,to introduce different resource modes to achieve the reform step by step and to strengthen self-construction of academies for enhancing its operational ability in reassigning social resources;at last,we should establish and improve supporting measures for affiliated system reform by increasing support from competent units for science and technology and systematic management according to law and improving the supervision system to ensure the smooth independent development of each academy.
Keywords/Search Tags:society, resource dependence, affiliated system, dilemma, social selection
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