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Marxist Theory Of Human Nature:Fundamental Research On The Thought Of "Strengthen Party Self-discipline"

Posted on:2018-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518476657Subject:Marxism in China
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Man is the core concern and basic object of political philosophy,human nature is the classic theme of political philosophy,different human nature presupposes the corresponding system design.After the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the idea of "strengthen Party self-discipline",which contains a profound theoretical breakthrough:the first,all party members is in the scope of supervision,which is mean there is a possibility of all party members have violated the party discipline.Second,between the ideal and moral education and system construction,it is the first time that the latter is more fundamental.Obviously,The idea of "strengthen Party self-discipline" implies a specific understanding of human nature,which needs to be interpreted and proved from the perspective of Marx’s theory of human nature.Marx’s theory of human nature has the scientific methodology,the starting point,the purpose of value,the basic content and the dimension of investigation.From the perspective of Marx’s theory of human nature view,there is a certain degree of contradiction and conflict between “the general nature of people” namely the infinity of human need and “the human nature that has changed in every era” namely the party spirit of CPC.As the ruling party,the Communist Party holds the core political power and economic power,therefore,some party members and cadre — — they are human being first——provided the opportunity of abusing of power and corruption and degeneration,which are contrary to the requirement of the party spirit.Marx’s theory of human nature is the premise,basis and foundation of the idea of "strengthen Party self-discipline".How to build a set of constraints and supervision mechanism of the power that makes each party members can not rot tests determination and wisdom of the CPC.
Keywords/Search Tags:Human nature, Marxist theory of human nature, "strengthen Party self-discipline", party spirit, control and supervision mechanism
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