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Study On The Countermeasures Of Performing Environmental Protection Under The Super-ministry Of Jiangdong New District Of Guangdong Province

Posted on:2018-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A M HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518482713Subject:Public administration
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Since the establishment of Jiangdong new district, although the Super-Ministry System to some extent has been implemented, environmental management carried out"big environmental protection" and "big law enforcement," system. In practice, however,the Super-Ministry System hasn’t improved the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental protection because of various reasons. On the contrary, it makes the functional departments encounter problems beyond their responsibilities and blame-shifting when they perform duties.This thesis focuses on the Jiangdong new district, combine with the current situation of institutional settings and environmental management of Jiangdong new district, adopts empirical analysis to analyze the problems and reasons concerning environmental protection enforcement. To solve these problems, this thesis adopts comparative analysis and refers to the advanced practices in environmental protection conducted by Shunde and Pingshan district, then puts forward suggestions in terms of organization optimization, mechanism innovation and personal training.This thesis is divided into six parts. The first part simply introduces the research background, meaning, target, ideas, research results at home and abroad and potential innovative ideas. The second part expounds the related concepts and applied theoretical basis, including the new public management theory and polycentric governance theory and govern coordinately theory, etc. The third part introduces the present situation of organization, duty fulfillment of environmental protection bureau in Jiangdong new district,analyzes its problems under Super-Ministry System such as issues beyond responsibility, unbalanced right and duty, functional departments act of their own will through three cases studies like farm overhaul, industrial boiler overhaul and Pollutant Discharge Permit application, and analyzes the reasons from system and mechanism perspectives. The fourth part adopts the comparative analysis, introduces environmental management system and advanced practices conducted by Shunde district and Pingshan district of Guangdong province, compares the government organization and duty performance of these two areas with that of Jiangdong new district. We could get revelations through comparisons, like recruiting professional employees and enhancing the environmental protection responsibility assessment. Targeting at the duty performance dilemma of environmental protection bureau and according to the flat administrative management mode, the fifth part comes up with suggestions from three perspectives like organization optimization, personnel cultivation and mechanism innovation, such as specifying the functions of every departments, setting up the environmental supervision law enforcement unit,establishing responsibility assessment and supervision department, recruiting suitable employees. The sixth part describes the research conclusion, outlook as well as some defects presented in this thesis.The innovative ideas presented in this thesis maybe is analyzing the dilemmas during duty performance confronted by environmental protection under the Super-Ministry System, rather than studying the existing problems emerging from the environmental management system reform or Super-Ministry System reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Super-Ministry, Responsibility, Environmental management
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