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The Research On Harmonious Doctor - Patient Relationship Construction Based On Collaborative Governance Theory

Posted on:2018-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518482716Subject:Public administration
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Since the end of lost of century, China has achieved great progress and rapid development in many aspects of Medical Treatment and Public Health with gradually deeper development of medical system reform. Although we are enjoying a series of results above that, the difficulties and high expense in medical care still have been not resolved fundamentally. Nowadays, people ask for more and more in the quality of medical service,but the number of medical tangle has increased day by day. The face is that patients lost trust in doctors and doctors take precautions against patients. The tense doctor-patient relationship,which has both damaged patients' safe medical environment and doctors' good working environment, has become one of the most sensitive social relations.In view of the problem of today's tense doctor-patient relationship, this thesis takes medical market environment in Hongshan District of Wuhan City as research subject to investigate and analyze the performance and causes of the problem. Based on the theory of collaborative governance, the paper has built a theoretical framework of mutual participation of multiple subjects for exploring the specific measures of constructing harmonious relationship between doctor and patient. This thesis suggests that on account of the theory of collaborative governance, Government should realize the identity change from administrator to leader. Medical institution must seek for the promotion of medical quality from its interior, while patients should improve themselves under the guide of other subjects. Also, creating positive energy for the doctor-patient relationship in the level of society is needed. Based on the above, interactive network of multiple subjects has been built up to promote the positive development of doctor-patient relationship.The possible innovation of this thesis is that the current research on the relationship between doctors and patients is mainly focused on both doctors and patients, involving law, psychology, economics, sociology, but rarely from the perspective of public management, the use of collaborative governance to improve A systematic study of doctor - patient relationship. Moreover, the existing research is more one-sided, the subject of multiple participation is incomplete. This paper is based on these two points,the application of collaborative governance theory to build a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients, analyze the shortcomings of existing practices, explore the new path to resolve the contradiction between doctors and patients.
Keywords/Search Tags:collaborative governance, harmonious, doctor-patient relationship construction
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