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Research On Administrative System Of "One District Three Street" In Wuhan Yangluo Economic Development Zone

Posted on:2018-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518482854Subject:Public administration
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Since the reform and opening up, the development zone as an important carrier of industrialization and urbanization in China has not only made outstanding contributions to economic and social development,but also has become the "pilot area" and "pioneer"of China’s local administrative system reform. With the development of economic and social undertakings around the development zone, the functional orientation and the target form of the development zone have been given new definitions and requirements.Therefore, the administrative management system of the development zones has been changing, innovating and evolving. In recent years, due to the accelerated pace of transformation and upgrading of China’s economic structure, the development zone policy advantage weakened, some de’velopment zones began to enter the "second pioneering" stage, the development zone of the original institutional advantages weakened, the pace of economic development gradually slowed down, and even possible Facing the challenge of returning to the traditional system.Based on the theory of new public management theory, this paper focuses on the practice of "one district and three street" administrative management system in Yangluo Development Zone, and explores its existing problems and the direction of future reform in Wuhan Yangluo Economic Development Zone as the research object. And on this basis,combined with the domestic development trend is good,more typical,such as Suzhou Industrial Park, Beijing Zhongguancun and other advanced development zone of successful experience for the Yangluo Development Zone, "one district three street"administrative system optimization and adjustment to provide experience Learn from. At the same time according to the author’s actual work experience, combined with the theory and practice of the way, respectively, in the right and financial rights, functional division of labor, rights allocation, personnel personnel mechanism, operational mechanism of the five aspects of the current development zone development problems Suggestions: First,clear functional positioning, the second is to improve the institutional settings, the third is to improve the allocation of authority,the fourth is to strengthen the incentive and restraint system, the fifth is to build efficient operation mechanism.Through the preliminary practice, problems, development direction and improvement measures of Yangluo Development Zone administrative system reform, the aim is to enrich and perfect the administrative management system of Yangluo Development Zone and promote the development of Yangzhou area as the core.Economic development; strive to a new round of development and upgrading of regional transformation and development process, for the central region, the same type of provincial-level development zone administrative reform and innovation to explore ideas,provide reference and thinking.
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