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Institutional Reform Of Local Government Under The Service-oriented Government Horizon

Posted on:2018-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518485631Subject:Public administration
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As the reform of government agencies Chinese Administrative Reform,one of the important content,along with the process of China’s reform and opening up,leading the harmony of China’s political,economic,social,stability and development.However,the effectiveness of local government institutional reform is not obvious,after the previous institutional reform,there is still unclear positioning functions,institutional settings unscientific,difficult triage personnel and many other issues.This article discussed in Yulin City,in recent years,according to the central,provincial and on decentralization,promoting the transformation of government functions demands a solid institutional reform task completed the stage,but also in the implementation of the work still exist some difficulties and problems,such as administrative resources configuration is not reasonable,institutional reform contradictions staggered complex,the list of government power may not be implemented due to lack of government services and other innovative functions,which has its deep political,economic,institutional,mechanism and other aspects of the urgent need to reform and innovation through sustained and effective to build a modern service-oriented government.With the help of public services,institutional reform of the Yulin city government conducted a study.Yulin municipal government institutional reform for the current situation,in particular the main problems and the deep-seated reasons,such as political and economic systems and mechanisms to be curbed,there is a certain policy functions out of position and dislocation,organization legal process is relatively slow,and socio-cultural ideas needs to be strengthened,etc.from the service-oriented government by improving the sight path in Yulin City of institutional reform that explicitly Government institutional reform development goals,to strengthen the preparation of management,good control series Save Code,promote decentralization,regulatory powers responsibility to comprehensively deepen reform of government administration,overall planning reform party organs and departments to strengthen institutions by promoting reform.In order to guarantee truly implement institutional reforms in Yulin City,also must pay attention from the leadership,standardized operation,promoting law and promoting development angle start,continue to promote institutional reform in depth the evolution of Yulin City.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented government, local government, institutional reform, functional transformation
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