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Study On The Problems And Proposals Of Community Correction In Our Country

Posted on:2018-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518494443Subject:Public Management
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From the pilot in 2003, community correction work in our whole country has been rapid and comprehensive developed. As an innovative way of penalty execution in China, community correction is an important embodiment of our country’s penalty execution mode and international practice. For community correction prisoners who meet the statutory conditions, the use of community correction to return to social flight mode, can effectively avoid cross-infection between prisoners in prison, the social effect is good. In order to research and analyze the actual situation of grassroots community correction, it is good for perfecting the working mechanism of grass-roots community correction and improving the practical effect of community correction in our country.Based on the theory of new public service, the theory of execution socialization and the concept of restorative justice, this paper uses the method of basic community correction theory combined with grass-roots judicial work and method of Specific issues specific analysis, of combining specific methods of specific issues,, from the perspective of social management innovation, taking Renqiu’s community correction work as an example, This paper makes a deep and systematic research on the problems encountered in the practical work of community correction in China, and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions on how to improve the community correction work, combining with the advanced management experiences at home and abroad.First of all, the paper combs the latest achievements and research progress of community corrections at home and abroad, and points out that under the condition of differentiated regional characteristics, From the practice of grassroots community correction to analyze, to explore suitable for China’s community correction of the regulatory approach is conducive to improving the quality of community correction work in China. Secondly, And clarifies the basic concepts of community correction and its related theories, illustrates the main features of community correction including non-custodial, criminal sanctions, community participation, functional composite, demonstrates the basic theory of supporting community correction system,and made the necessary theoretical preparation for the analysis and research practice.Then, combing the origin and development of community correction in China,illustrates the current situation of community correction system operation in China,summarizes the main models and experiences of community correction work at home and abroad. And then this paper makes an empirical study on Renqiu’s community correction work and obtains the first-hand information of Renqiu City through field investigation. It also introduces the actual situation of Renqiu’s community correction organization, work team, management base and current situation. This paper introduces the basic experience of community correction in Renqiu City, and introduces the successful experience of community correction in Renqiu City from the following four stages: pretrial investigation, supervision mechanism, education correction and assistance. Finally,this paper uses the research methods of theoretical research and practical analysis, from the perspective of social management, to sort out the problems existing in the practice of community correction in Renqiu City. The causes of these problems are analyzed from five aspects, such as the existing laws and regulations, the imperfect coordination mechanism among the departments, the shortage of staffing, the insufficient funds guarantee and the lack of technical support.Suggestions are put forward to perfect the management of community correction in six aspects, such as perfecting the laws and regulations, perfecting the working mechanism, strengthening the team building with the combination of the private sector and the United States, drawing lessons from the pre-trial transfer procedure,perfecting the relevant safeguard measures and developing new Technical supervision means.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community Correction, Supervision and management, Educated correction, Pre-trial investigation system
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