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Research On The Spread Of Marxism In Yanbian Area During The Period Of The New-democratic Revolution

Posted on:2018-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518957907Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The spread of Marxism in Yanbian area,is an important part of Marxist propagation on.Yanbian is located in the eastern Jilin province,the Soviet union in the east,the south by north Korea,at the same time,the Jilin region has been the Japanese aggressors occupied for many years,this special geographic advantages and characteristic makes the spread of Marxism in Yanbian new-democratic period is different from the transmission in the coastal and inland areas of the connotation and characteristics of different effect and significance,so the study of it has important theoretical significance and academic value.So far,most of the research of scholars in our country is to "the spread of Marxism in China" to do the research,and the research content is from various aspects;Very little of the history of Marxism in a certain period or certain areas of research.Therefore,from 1919 to 1949,as the time point of the new-democratic revolution period,in Yanbian area as the research object,the detailed combing the spread of Marxism.New-democratic revolution period,the spread of Marxism in Yanbian is not exist in isolation,is the world's development of the theme of war and revolution and the results of the Russian October revolution;Is also the inevitable choice of the Chinese road to seek salvation setback;In Yanbian people's long struggle gradually formed under the traditional and strong rebellion consciousness.The spread of Marxism in Yanbian according to their different historical periods have different transmission main body,content,object and form,etc.The Anti-Japanese War broke out early,some advanced intellectuals began to study the guiding ideology of Marxism,and under the guidance of Marxist theory,set up anti-Japanese organizations,an armed struggle,but also set up a party branch and regime;During the Anti-Japanese War,the spread of Marxism in Yanbian scope expanding gradually and Marxist expand the revolutionary base areas,set up the anti-Japanese guerrilla zones;War of liberation period,not only in the spread of Marxism military gradually expanded,more on the cultural education to strengthen its spread.New-democratic revolution period,the spread of Marxismin Yanbian have distinctive features.Spread the contents of the stick to revolutionary theme;The spread of the main body gradually formed scale;The spread of the object have extensive and diversified in the form of transmission.The same time,New-democratic revolution period,the spread of Marxism in Yanbian has an important enlightenment to the spread of contemporary Marxism.In the process of the spread of the future,you must insist on combining theory with practice and rich process of the sinicization of Marxism;Vigorously promoting theoretical innovation;More innovation should pay attention to methods,the process of popularization of Marxism.The new-democratic revolution period,the spread of marxism in Yanbian area,not simply list the facts of this period,but also based on historical facts,sum up out the characteristics of the transmission,and put forward the revelation for the contemporary marxist propagation,enhance the propagation force and influence of marxist theory,realize the theoretical innovation constantly,realize the sinicization of marxism and popularization.
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