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Analysis On Rights Of Book Publishers’ Introduced By The Right Of Revision Of Books

Posted on:2018-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518959853Subject:International Law
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Publishing activities form a part of the socialist construction.Publishers of books also bear important social responsibilities.However,they get no corresponding right in the copyright law system.Differentiation among the right of publishers and other rights in the source is not clear in the Copyright Law of China.Differences still exist in the concepts of publishing and publishers.Only the right for format design is stipulated as the right of publishers of books in the existing Copyright Law,which is unable to meet the needs of the right of publishers of books protection.Amendment of the publishers of books on drafts of books is actually increment of the work through the intellectual labors,however,it gains no protection from the Copyright Law.Utilizing literature research method,the author learns about history and current situation of related researches,realizes the existing gap between current researches and rights protection needs,and finds out related copyright theory as jurisprudence basis.The author also utilizes interdisciplinary study method to compare concepts between jurisprudence and science of publication in order to pick up more suitable views as theoretical support,as well as taking achievements and theories of publication science for reference to comprehensively study the right of publishers of books.This article chooses suitable definitions for publication,publishers,and the right of publishers of books in China under analysis,expounds the present situation and limitations of the protection of publishers of books,lays a theoretical basis for introducing the right of revision of books through policy choice,labor,and balance of interests doctrine.Therefore,the paper puts forward the right of revision of books under the authors’ permits in the existing Copyright Law to be protected as a neighboring right and introduced to the right of publishers of books.It also explains the rationality of introduction,analyzes the right accordance of the right of publishers of books and relations among the right of revision of the author,the right of works integrity and the right of revision of books,and puts forward legal suggestions on introducing the right of revision of books.
Keywords/Search Tags:The right of publishers, Copyright law, Neighboring rights
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