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Analysis On The Management Mechanism Of The Current Affordable Housing Distribution In China

Posted on:2018-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518960974Subject:Administrative Management
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China's social economy has undergone through significant changes and development since the reform and opening up,and the house-purchase pressure for low-income population is also growing with the increasing price of commodity apartments.In order to solve the housing problem faced by low-income groups,and maintain a harmonious and stable society,the state has promoted the indemnificatory housing project vigorously.The management of indemnificatory housing is mainly rely on the existing "Economically Affordable Housing Management Approach","Low-rent House Safeguard Mechanism" and "Public Rental Housing Management Approach" can't fundamentally solve the allocation management problem of affordable housing in China.In this paper,the combining qualitative and quantitative methods are used to elaborate the main connotation of indemnificatory housing and its allocation management mechanism from four aspects,namely,indemnificatory housing access mechanism,allocation mode,monitoring system and exit mechanism.In addition,timer shaft is considered as the main line to sort out the six stages that China's Welfare housing has gone through since our country was established.China's indemnificatory housing construction achieved remarkable success after nearly 10 years of development,however,as the categories of indemnificatory housing are varied,and there is no unified and practical allocation management system currently,resulting in a lot of problems in the practice of housing allocation management,such as limited coverage,information audit difficulties and irrational distribution mode,as well as lax supervision on changes in the guaranteed objects and housing use situation,longer housing cycle and lower level of relevant laws and regulations,all of which have restricted the orderly development of indemnificatory housing system,and can't provide timely and effective services for demanders for indemnificatory housing.In view of this,this paper starts from the perspective of game theory,identifies the main stakeholders in the process of indemnificatory housing allocation process,and clarifies its main interests and conflicts of interests.Moreover,based on the different strategy choices among stakeholders,the game process is analyzed by constructing the game framework of stakeholders,thus drawing the conclusion that the game of main stakeholders under the situation of information asymmetry can eventually achieve the refined Bayesian equilibrium.In the end,on the basis of the achievements and difficulties faced by indemnificatory housing allocation management mechanism in Erdos City,and the successful experience in foreign countries,this paper puts forward that the indemnificatory housing allocation management mechanism in China needs to be improved in terms of laws and regulations construction,the interests of stakeholders,the access system,the distribution mode,housing supervision system and the exit system,etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:Indemnificatory housing, Allocation management mechanism, Stakeholders, Game
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